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The magic of sound.


There is growing interest in the use of sound as complementary therapy to modern medicine.

Scientific studies suggest that certain sounds help in medical, neurological, and psychiatric recovery. Sound is noted to have direct effect on our heart rate, respiration, memory, and even motor skills.

And while this seems astonishing to our modern sensibilities, for most indigenous cultures this was common knowledge. Our ancestors’ well-being, happiness, and cultural survival were influenced by sound.

My idea for Magic of Sound is to (re)introduce vibration as a form of therapy, with singing bowls from Nepal.

Feedback from previous journeys.

I have always found meditation quite difficult. However this sound journey was something else completely. I’ve never felt so relaxed and in tune with myself. It felt so easy, I just fell into it. The vibration of the sounds running through me really reset me and gave me a fresh and energising feeling inside.
— Karolina, Manchester Sound Journey 🇬🇧

I felt completely relaxed and calm, and although I was aware of my surroundings and was present, I almost felt that I was somewhere else. Megan explained it perfectly: it was like a dream state. When the class ended I felt as if I just had the best night’s sleep.

What a beautiful moment. It had been a hard week for me both emotionally and physically. I went into this thinking I would just escape and forget it all for a moment but to my surprise Megan told us in her opening statement that instead we would be facing our issues, whatever they were. I dreaded it but now I am thankful. This Magic of Sound journey became my moment to process my week, put some order into my thoughts and emotions.
— Patrick, Brussels sound journey 🇧🇪

Thank you Megan for taking me on a travel of sound! I had a few sound baths before but this one took me away to another level. I saw things that I needed to see. I think you really know what you are doing! After all I felt peace. Keep on sharing the good vibes with a lot of other beautiful people.
— Charlotte, Antwerp sound journey 🇧🇪

When I was walking out of the studio I felt so high. I joined two of Megan’s sessions. In the first journey I had a glimpse into my first trauma and also rediscovered key moments of my life. At the second trip, I started seeing blue...
— Stephane, Paris Sound Journey 🇫🇷